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Enzyme synthesis-Why BOC Sciences

Enzymes are the proteins which catalyse reactions in living cells and they have evolved to cope with specific tasks in biosynthetic or metabolic reactions. One of the biggest advantage of using enzyme in organic synthesis is the good selectivity. With enzymes, enantioselectivities of 99%+ e.e. can be achieved when synthesis the chiral compounds. In addition, when catalyzed by enzymes, the reaction are usually performed at mild conditions (dilute aqueous solution at less than 50C), which makes the synthesis more convenient for users and environmentally friendly. All these advantages have been tailored to meet the needs of a diverse customer base with varying requirements at different stages of R&D and product commercialization.

BOC Sciences has rich experience in these area and are happy to serve our customer who need it. Also, BOC Sciences provides a broad range of enzymes which can be used in pharmaceutical industry and other area by offering optionality in scale, scope and project complexity. Please find some examples of enzyme reactions:

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» Hayward, CA, USA
Biotium is a biotechnology company that strives for innovation in biochemicals and fluorescent reagents.

Innovation is at the very heart of what Biotium does every day.

With 3,000+ fluorescent reagent products, a significant amount of our resources are dedicated to research and development and intellectual property protection.

user posted image

Our product lines and technologies include:

GelRed and GelGreen nucleic acid stains : highly sensitive DNA/RNA gel stains to replace the highly toxic EtBr. These lines are made safe by preventing dye penetration into cells

EvaGreen DNA-binding Dye: This is the only dye that works perfectly for both qPCR & sensitive melt curve analysis

CF dyes : A series of 20 highly water soluble dyes with colors spanning the entire visible and near infrared spectra; designed for protein labeling using breakthrough chemistries to produce unrivaled performance in brightness and photostability

Mix-n-Stain Antibody Labeling Kits: A revolutionary protein labeling technology that allows anyone to optimally label an antibody, with one of our CF dyes or biotin in 30 minutes and ~100% yield.

NucView Caspase 3/7 Enzyme Substrate: A novel concept to detect caspase activity in live cells by releasing a cell nucleus-staining dye upon substrate cleavage

AccuClear and AccuBlue DNA Quantitation Kits: low dsDNA detection limit & widest linear range

PMA DNA Modification Agent: essential reagent for selective detection of viable pathogens by qPCR
/ Companies,  #547924  /
3159 Corporate Place Hayward, CA 94545 United States
Tel.: 800-304-5357
Web address: http://biotium.com
Specialization: Fluorescence, Luminescence detection eq., Chemicals, Enzymes and Kits for mol. biology, Antibodies, Immunohystochemistry, Isotopes, Fluorophores, Reag. for Labelling and Detection, Markers (DNA, RNA, Protein), Nucleic Acid Purification
Geography of the work: world-wide
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» Wetzlar, Germany
Attached Imagebiotech_546565.jpgLeica Microsystems is a world leader in microscopes and scientific instruments. Founded as a family business in the nineteenth century, the companys history was marked by unparalleled innovation on its way to becoming a global enterprise.

Its historically close cooperation with the scientific community is the key to Leica Microsystems tradition of innovation, which draws on users ideas and creates solutions tailored to their requirements. At the global level, Leica Microsystems is organized in three divisions, all of which are among the leaders in their respective fields: the Life Science Division, Industry Division, and Medical Division.

Leica Microsystems has six manufacturing facilities in five countries, with sales and service organizations in 20 countries. The company is headquartered in Wetzlar, Germany.
/ Companies,  #546565  /
Ernst-Leitz-Strasse 17-37 Wetzlar, 35578 Germany
Tel.: +49 6441 29 4000
Fax: +49 6441 29 4155
Specialization: Imaging Systems, Video, Gel documentation, Microscopes, Image Analysis
Geography of the work: world-wide
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» Taipei, Taiwan
Attached Imagebiotech_516244.jpgRBC Bioscience, a leading global provider of life science products, is based in Taiwan with research partners in Korea and Japan. RBC Bioscience was first established in 2004. As an ISO9001 and CE certified manufacturer for various Life Science and Molecular Research/Diagnostic reagents, RBC with our vast network of distributors is able to provide you, our valued customer, with our comprehensive line of Molecular products:

MagCore System: The automated compact systems for DNA/RNA automatic purification from diverse range of sample soures designed for labs at diagnostic and research fields. MagCore system gives high quality and affordable cost to users at hospital, pharmaceutic and reasearch labs. CE/IVD certification.
RBC Real Genomics: RBC Esctraction kits for RNA/DNA purification: Genomic DNA ( Whole Blood ), Bacteria, Cultured Cells, Tissues (animal/plant), Plasmid DNA, RNA Extraction (Blood, Bacteria, Cultured Cells, Tissues (animal/plant), Viral Nucleic Acid .
HIT Competent Cells: Unlike other commercial competent cells, HIT Competent Cells and its non-heat shock protocol provids the fastest 1min and the easiest one-step protocol of transformation. We guarantee the efficiency up to 109.
RBC Polymerase: RBC Bioscience provides a wide selection of extreamly economical and high quality of DNA polymerase. These recombinant polynerases boast superior thermostable properties.ThermOne Real-Time RT-PCR Premix ,ThermOne One-Step Real-Time RT-PCR Premix (SYBR Green, Taq man probe). SensiZyme HotStart Taq, RBC Taq DNA Polymerase, RBC Pfu DNA Polymerase,2X Blue/Red Mix DNA Polymerase Mastermix.
RBC Cloning Systems: RBC T&A Cloning System,RBC Rapid ligation Kit

We are currently interested to extend our sales network (Germany, USA, Korea , Japan, UK, India, Italy, ect )and FIND DISTRIBUTOR PARTNERS IN RUSSIA
/ Companies,  #516244  /
3F., No.132, Ln. 235, Baoqiao Rd., Xindian Dist., New Taipei City 23145, Taiwan
Tel.: +886 2 8912 1200
Fax: +886 2 8912 1300
Specialization: Robotics, Automatic eq., Other equipment not for measurement, Enzymes and Kits for mol. biology, Kits for Cloning, Mutagenesis, Libraries, Reagents for Cell biology, Transfection, Markers (DNA, RNA, Protein), Nucleic Acid Purification, Protein Expression vectors, strains etc., Animals, Plants, Organisms, Stocks
Geography of the work: world-wide
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» Germany, Ludwigshafen
The mission of GeneON is to provide products and services for researchers and distributors in the Molecular Biology field. Expect high-end level in service, price and quality.

To see all services and products please visit:

GeneON Germany
/ Companies,  #474651  /
Hubertusstraße 20 67065 Ludwigshafen
Tel.: +49-621-5720864
Fax: +49-621-5724462
Specialization: Balances, Spectrophotometers, Spectrometers, Chemicals, Enzymes and Kits for mol. biology, Markers (DNA, RNA, Protein), Nucleic Acid Purification, Test- and diagnostic systems, Other chemicals and enzymes, Plasticware
Geography of the work: USA, Other in America, Germany, England, Other in Europe, South Korea, Other in Azia, Other in Middle East
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» Germany, Regensburg
Attached Imagebiotech_459522.jpgEntelechon GmbH is an internationally operating biotech service provider specialized in synthetic and molecular biology. We integrate DNA synthesis, bioinformatics, protein expression, and molecular biological services into a versatile development laboratory.

Based on a proprietary gene synthesis method, Entelechon offers a highly flexible and efficient gene synthesis platform with guaranteed product quality verified by sequencing in the company sequencing department. Building on this platform technology, Entelechon offers a broad range of development services in the fields of molecular biology and protein expression.

Our success factor is the diverse team of biochemistry, molecular biology and bioinformatics experts which allows us to perform highly integrated projects such as the development of a multiplex PCR-based diagnostic assay, directed evolution and protein engineering, or the identification and validation of cancer biomarkers.

Products and Services

Gene synthesis and gene optimisation

Protein engineering and protein expression
Starting with the sequence analysis and optimization, through the gene synthesis, to the expression profiling, protein expression upscaling, and protein purification.

Assay development
DNA-based assays, Microarrays, Protein quantification

Software applications for gene optimization, oligonucleotide design, gene synthesis process control and customized software development

Molecular Biology
PCR, qPCR, mutation, subcloning

Entelechon maintains a network comprised of strategic partnerships with academic institutions and companies. Our clients are research institutes, biotech companies, CROs, industrial and pharmaceutical corporations all over the world.
/ Companies,  #459522  /
Industriestr. 1 93077 Bad Abbach Germany
Tel.: +49 (9405) 96999-10
Fax: +49 (9405) 96999-28
Specialization: Antibodies, Immunohystochemistry, Protein Expression vectors, strains etc., Sequence analysis, Soft for Molecular cloning and PCR, Other software, Gene engineering, Sequencing, Oligonucleotides, Peptides, Protein expression, Purification, Custom antibodies prod., Cells, Tissue cultures, Custom microarrays, Tests, Analyses, Diagnostics, Other Bio Services
Geography of the work: world-wide
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Attached Imagebiotech_174176.gifGenome Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd., is a manufacturer of REAL TIME PCR kits, Mol Bio Enzymes, reagents etc. We today enjoy an unprecedented 90 % market share of Real Time PCR market in India in the Diagnostic Market Segment. We have now developed a very vast range of REAL Time PCR kits on Rotor Gene 200/3000/6000.
Our product range includes:
Real Time PCR Detection & Quantitation Kits

HEV,CMV,MTb,Filaria, Measles,Enterovirus,HAV, HSV1&2,Dengue,
West Nile Virus,H5 N1,SAR'S,JC/BK,TTV, ChikunGunya,H.pylori,Rabies,
Leprosy, Rif,INH resist, C.pneumo.,Leptospira,H.Influenza,S.pneumonia,Scrub Typhus,Bcr/ABL,RARA/PML,N.meningitis,Hanta Virus,

GenoSen's Gel PCR Kits

Basic Molecular Biology Reagents: Taq DNA Polymerase, MMLV, Pfu, Hot Start Taq DNA Polymerase, PCR Premixes for Real Time PCR & Gel PCR, Single Tube RT/PCR Premixes for Real Time PCR & Gel PCR, DNA Ladders, Buffers etc Extraction kits for DNA/RNA, plasmids etc.

Instruments from Corbett Research:
Rotor Gene-3000 Real Time PCR amplification system
X-Tractor Gene: An Automated extraction system.
CAS-1200: An automated liquid handling system for DNA/RNA.
/ Companies,  #174176  /
Tel.: 011-25517064
Fax: 011-25511160
E-mail: dharam@vsnl.com,
Specialization: PCR machines, Real time PCR, Enzymes and Kits for mol. biology, Microarrays, Test- and diagnostic systems
Geography of the work: world-wide
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» USA Omaha
Attached Imagebiotech_124237.jpgTRANSGENOMIC is a global biotechnology company that provides unique products and services for automated high sensitivity genetic variation and mutation analysis.

Our offering includes systems, products, discovery and laboratory testing services to the academic and medical research, clinical laboratory and pharmaceutical markets in the fields of pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine.

WAVE Systems and Consumables

SURVEYOR Mutation Detection Products

CLIA and GLP Lab Services

Genomic Analysis and Research Services

TRANSGENOMIC technologies are highlighted in more than 1,500 peer-reviewed journal articles.

Transgenomic WAVE Systems offer discovery and detection of genetic variation at close to 100% sensitivity, making them among the most sensitive and accurate technologies for detection of known and unknown mutations and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). These systems are used throughout the world to screen for a large variety of diseases. More than 350 human genes have been screened entirely or partly by DHPLC. A multitude of other applications are being used with WAVE Systems in such diverse areas as plant genomics, microbial analysis, and drug sensitivity. With close to 1,300 installations around the world, the WAVE System technology has been accepted worldwide.
/ Companies,  #124237  /
Transgenomic, Inc. 12325 Emmet Street Omaha, NE 68164
Tel.: (888) 233-9283
Fax: (402) 452-5453
Specialization: Fluorescence, Luminescence detection eq., Sequencing eq., Capillary Electrophoresis eq., Chromatography equipment, Chemicals, Enzymes and Kits for mol. biology, Isotopes, Fluorophores, Reag. for Labelling and Detection, Nucleic Acid Purification, Chromatography separation media, Test- and diagnostic systems, Chromatograpy, Tests, Analyses, Diagnostics
Geography of the work: world-wide
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» Huntsville
Attached Imagebiotech_95701.gifSince 1986, Operon Biotechnologies, Inc. has been a global market leader in custom oligonucleotide synthesis; driven by the best customer service, consistent quality, and cutting edge design technologies. Operon provides a full range of mass-customized synthesis services in an industrial setting, with the added value of made-to-stock products. Please refer to our specific products and services information or contact Customer Service.
/ Companies,  #95701  /
Operon Biotechnologies, Inc. 2705 Artie Street Bldg. 400, Ste. 27 Huntsville, AL 35805
Tel.: Europe 00800-67 673377,US (800) 688-2248
Fax: Europe + 49 221 17090170, US 251-252-7794
Specialization: PCR machines, Real time PCR, Microarrays, Oligonucleotides, Peptides, Custom microarrays
Geography of the work: Russia, USA, Canada, Europe
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Evrogen   / 142 /
» Moscow
[attachmentid(right)=23700]Evrogen provides a variety of products and services for scientists involved in gene discovery and analysis. We offer a unique collection of fluorescent proteins of different colors for common applications including protein labeling and stable cell line generation; photoactivatable fluorescent proteins for direct monitoring of cell, organelle, or protein movement in vivo; kits for cDNA normalization.
Scientists ourselves, we are inspired to contribute our innovations and extensive experience to the international research community involved in gene hunting by performing advanced custom molecular biology services, including normalization of cDNA enriched with full-length sequences, cDNA subtractive hybridization (professional order execution by inventors of the SSH method), amplification of cDNA ends, genome walking, cloning, gene synthesis and mutagenesis.
/ Companies,  #17815  /
Evrogen JSC Miklukho-Maklaya 16/10 Moscow, 117997, Russia
Tel.: (+7 495) 429 80 20
Fax: (+7 495) 429 85 20
Specialization: Enzymes and Kits for mol. biology, Protein Expression vectors, strains etc., Gene engineering
Geography of the work: world-wide
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biotech_16954.gif - Attached Image (Click thumbnail to expand)NBS offers state-of-the art cell culture bioreactors and fermentation equipment for R & D through production applications. Benchtop equipment may be converted through optional components for mammalian, animal, plant, algae and insect cell culture. NBS Spinners - producing milligram to gram quantities of secreted protein or high virus titer from suspension, insect or recombinant anchorage-dependent cells (including primary cells). Can be validated as a cGMP process in production scale with Fibra-Cel.
Fibra-Cel disks are a solid support material for the growth of mammalian, animal and insect cells, used predominantly for production of secreted products such as recombinant proteins and viruses. Fibra-Cel disks are manufactured according to cGMP guidelines.
The CEPA family of high-speed centrifuges is widely used in a variety of biological processes from cell harvesting and clarifying to separations of chemicals, foods, blood and pharmaceuticals.
Two ranges of NBS freezers are offered: Innova models utilize Vacuum Insulation Panel technology, for up to 30% increased internal capacity without increasing external dimensions. Our conventional-style Premium freezers provide a cost-effective alternative with many of the same features and quality as the Innova brand. NBS CO2 incubators designed with six-sided direct heating. Choice of three models accommodate a variety of needs: NBS also offers a large capacity water-jacketed CO2 incubator. The microprocessor controlled Model CO28IR is designed for applications requiring tight tolerance of carbon dioxide levels. The incubator features an advanced, infrared control sensor for maintaining constant levels of CO2 to within 0.1%, regardless of changes in temperature or humidity.
NBS offers dozens of innovative shakers. We offer two distinct lines: our Innova series for heavy-duty shaking needs and our C-line shakers for less demanding applications. With 22 models to choose from, there's a shaker to meet your every need.
/ Companies,  #16954  /
New Brunswick Scientific PO Box 4005 Edison, NJ USA
Tel.: 732-287-1200, 800-631-5417
Fax: 732-287-4222
Specialization: Centrifuges, Refrigerators, Freezers, Storage eq., Incubators, Cell culture incubators, Shakers, Hybridizers, Thermostats, Stirrers, Vortexers, Cells, Tissue cultures
Geography of the work: world-wide
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Merck KGaA   / 84 /
» Darmstadt
biotech_16346.jpg - Attached Image (Click thumbnail to expand)Merck - the oldest chemical-pharmaceutical company
in the world - has its roots in Germany. Still today, the location Germany plays an important role for this globally operating company, which is headquartered in Darmstadt in the German state of Hesse.

Our many years of experience qualify us as a competent partner for all customers from the field of monitoring and research laboratories in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and water industries.

We are proud that our high-quality Merck products are to be found in virtually every laboratory throughout the world.

Analytical Reagents
High-purity inorganic reagents, such as salts, acids, caustic alkalis, volumetric solutions, buffers, reference materials for instrumental analytics, and products for inorganic trace analysis.

With our commercial-grade solvents and high-purity solvents, we supply products for a variety of applications, e.g., DNA synthesis, gas chromatography and liquid chromatography.

Analytical Chromatography & Bioscience
HPLC columns, TLC plates and products for sample preparation. With Chromolith, our monolithic separation column, we are the worldwide technology leader in the field of analytical chromatography.

We also offer standard biochemicals, such as buffers, amino acids, enzymes and reagents for molecular biology and, through EMD Biosciences, highly innovative kits for sample preparation in protein analysis.

Microbiology / Hygiene / Microscopy
Our product portfolio includes culture and enrichment media, products for hygiene monitoring, rapid tests for water analysis, for example, and more than 250 innovative products for cell diagnostics.

We focus our activities on business segments in which we achieve competitive advantages through excellent quality of our products, services and systems. We want to achieve this through concentrating our activities on innovations and research on higher grade products in the chemicals business.
/ BioTech,  #16346  /
Germany Frankfurter Strabe 250 64293 Darmstadt
Tel.: +49 (0)6151 72 0
Fax: +49 (0)6151 72 2000
Web address: http://www.merck.de
Geography of the work: world-wide
Specialization: Spectrophotometers, Spectrometers, Chromatography equipment, Chemicals, Media, Enzymes and Kits
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Whatman   / 32 /
Attached Imagebiotech_13519.gifWhatman products offer superior solutions to our customers separation needs. Our full line of high quality products ranges from cellulose and glass microfibre for general filtration, to
Mini-UniPrep Syringeless Filters that simplify HPLC sample preparation, to unique FTA products for collecting, archiving and purifying DNA.
/ Companies,  #13519  /
Tel.: 1-800-WHATMAN or 1-973-245-8300
Fax: 1-973-245-8324 or 1-973-8383
Specialization: Filtration, Dialysis dev., Other consumables
Geography of the work: world-wide
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Attached Imagebiotech_13517.jpghttp://www.usbio.net/?tab=home - online catalog
/ Companies,  #13517  /
United States Biological P.O. Box 261 Swampscott, Massachusetts (MA) 01907
Tel.: Customer Service:800.520.3011 or 781.639.5092
Fax: 781.639.1768
Specialization: Enzymes and Kits for mol. biology, Antibodies, Immunohystochemistry, Reagents for Cell biology, Transfection, Cell and Bacterial culture media, Protein expression, Purification, Custom antibodies prod.
Geography of the work: world-wide
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Stratagene   / 80 /
Attached Imagebiotech_13514.gifAntibodies
Modifying Enzymes
Markers and Restriction Enzymes
Cloning Vectors
Fluorescent Proteins
PCR Reagents
QPCR & QRT-PCR Reagents
Premade Libraries
Protein Expression Systems
Two-Hybrid Products
Viral Gene Delivery Systems
Library Construction Products
Microarray Reagents
Reagents for: DNA Purification, Immunoblotting, In Situ Hybridization, Mass Spectrometry, Northern & Southern Analysis, Nucleic Acid Transfer & Hybridization
Bioinformatics Software
/ Companies,  #13514  /
Stratagene Corporate Office 11011 N. Torrey Pines Road La Jolla, CA 92037
Tel.: (858) 535-5400; Customer Service: (512) 321-3321
Fax: (512) 321-3128
Specialization: Enzymes and Kits for mol. biology, Antibodies, Immunohystochemistry, Isotopes, Fluorophores, Reag. for Labelling and Detection, Kits for Cloning, Mutagenesis, Libraries, Markers (DNA, RNA, Protein), Nucleic Acid Purification, Protein Expression vectors, strains etc., Microarrays
Geography of the work: world-wide
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